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Bio: His review spans ascendant marketing, consumer marketing, onus marketing, services marketing and e-marketing. He has been a counselor-at-law to IBM, Bank of America, Merck, Intimate Animating, Honeywell and multifarious other companies. He has received title only doctorate degrees from nine different universities in the USA and other countries. 2: 2joined Hit University as a full-time resolute swain of the school in 2001 after visting and serving as professor and schedule chairwoman in a sprinkling universities in Brazil and the USA. Dr Gertner participates in a slew of licensed associations and has served as vice-president in every way ignoring the duration of sift and publications of BALAS — the Concern Guild because Latin American Studies. Along with his search and teaching activities, Dr Gertner has also consulted quest of assorted companies. He has published and presented in conferences all over 30 articles and papers.