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Sex: Male
Location: Prudnik
Bio: Typically the incident itself was unquestionably go unpleasant and difficult for me. Despite having done nothing wrong I was put in danger by the insensitive driving style of another driver, only to suffer what sensed like a further injustice when they reacted as they were doing. I could not have done much to change my automated responses at the time of fear, anger and a sense of injustice. But the incident happened once. In the hours that followed, I have recreated this same incident in my mind a lot more times, each time reconnecting with the original feelings. When, by lunchtime I am feeling tense, angry, frustrated and violated, who can I hold accountable for this? The young driver with the insensitive driving style? Or my own brain, which has replayed this difficult situation again and again, in glorious technicolour and with added commentary all through the morning?